Keeping track of your Care Team with Abridge

Stephanie St. Thomas
December 15, 2020

We’ve partnered with Abridge to help you create a “Care Team” of your medical professionals, so you always have their information on hand.

When it comes to getting care, keeping track of your doctors and other medical professionals may seem like only a small part of the patient journey. But as many have experienced, it can be challenging. The average person makes three doctors visits per year, and for those taking care of children or elderly family members, the list of appointments and contact details for each one is even longer. Combined with the fact that it’s often difficult to find reliable provider information, organizing and following through on care can suddenly become daunting.  

Today we’re announcing a partnership with Abridge with a shared mission to better connect patients and doctors, helping to close the gap between medical advice and next steps of care.

Together we’ve launched Abridge’s new Care Team feature to simplify how patients and doctors interact, including finding the information you need to get care. With Care Team, you’ll have a handy list of important information about your doctors, nurses, counselors, or other specialists right in the Abridge app.

Whether you only see a primary care physician or seek treatment from several specialists, Care Team helps you manage your health professionals, all in one place.

With the addition of Ribbon Health’s integrated provider information, you can:

  • Add doctors to your Care Team to organize your conversations.
  • Access your doctor’s address, office number, and more.
  • Find out which doctors already use Abridge.
  • Tag and send copies of your conversations, so your doctor can review, too.

Build your Care Team before your next appointment so you can organize your care. And after you record, make sure to tag your doctor so you can stay on the same page about the next steps of your care.

Here at Ribbon, we strive to power every healthcare decision to be high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient. We’re proud to be powering this feature with Abridge to make it easy to find and manage the details of health encounters so that communication and provider information are no longer barriers to care.

To learn more about our partnership, read the press release here.

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