Ribbon for Startups

Startups rely on the Ribbon Health provider data platform as they guide members to the best care.

Ribbon is offering exclusive discounted pricing to startup companies that qualify, with limited spots available.  

The Perks

  • Exclusive discounted platform fee + variable fee

  • National coverage on 99.9% of providers and facilities

  • Quick implementation and flexible distribution via API

  • Access to all data within Ribbon Foundation, including Provider Information, Insurances Accepted, Cost, Experience, and more

Open to startups with <50 employees or <$10M in funding

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Insurances Accepted

Make affordable referrals by seeing insurances accepted for providers and facilities across a variety of plan types and down to the individual plan level details.


Cost and Experience

Make high quality referrals by leveraging cost and experience scores at the provider and procedure level.

Program Benefits

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Discounted, accessible price point

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National coverage on 99.9% of providers and facilities

Quick integration into your existing workflows via API

Dedicated support team

A solution that scales as you grow