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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Ribbon

At Ribbon, we believe that meeting the goal of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture requires thoughtfulness and dedication.

We strongly believe in building an organization that is diverse in all definitions of the word - all identities and perspectives, equitable in the policies and practices we develop to ensure that everyone here can thrive, and inclusive in our spaces so that everyone feels like they truly belong here at Ribbon.

We understand that this work is ongoing and takes time, and we are committed to the journey.

Our impact

While a focus on recruitment and representation is critical groundwork for a diverse, equitable and inclusive company, our work on DEI has an even deeper impact. We’re focused on learning and training that transforms DEI awareness to fluency, and creating an environment where our unique identities and experiences are not only recognized but celebrated.


Our people are the most important part of Ribbon. We thrive when we have a diverse representation of identities, perspectives, and experiences in our teams. It not only helps us truly live our values, but makes for a stronger, healthier, happier Ribbon community where people achieve their full potential.


DEI work is never “done”. We’re constantly working toward not just awareness, but toward DEI fluency. This means constantly driving educational and engagement opportunities to activate and ingrain inclusive behavior across Ribbon.

Celebration and awareness

We celebrate the many identities present at Ribbon so all our people can show up authentically, every day. We’re committed to being curious about our people, and giving them a place to tell their story and celebrate who they are.

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