Our mission, vision, and values drive everything we do

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Our vision is to create a world where navigating healthcare is simple

Today, our healthcare system is fraught with barriers that prevent people from accessing affordable and quality care.

At Ribbon, we believe that by empowering people to make informed decisions about their care, we can create a healthier future. We will have achieved our vision when our loved ones can simply get the care they deserve.

Our mission is to power every care decision to be accessible, affordable, and high quality

Health outcomes often depend on the critical point at which a care decision is made. At Ribbon, we are building the infrastructure behind billions of care decisions that take place every year.

We seek to transform the healthcare decision-making process to enable people to access affordable and high-quality care that is right for them.

Our values

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Run toward hard problems

We are motivated by the toughest challenges. We seek out hard problems that have the most impact and solve them to help those who need it most.

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Put your team first

We are all happier and healthier when we care for each other and put each other’s needs ahead of our own.

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Do what you say

We are honest with each other. We are accountable to each other.

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Stay hungry, keep improving

We are humble. We will make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and be better because of those mistakes.

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Practice habits of excellence

We measure our success by the process it took to get there. We will always do our very best, and we are proud of the outcome because of it.

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Build with empathy

We are building the best healthcare experience for our users. When faced with a difficult decision, we do what’s best for people’s lives.

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At Ribbon, our mission is to simplify healthcare