We partner with innovators to transform how healthcare decisions are made

At Ribbon, we work with companies across the entire healthcare ecosystem, partnering with innovators on our shared mission of making care accessible, affordable, and high quality.

We’re creating a world where navigating healthcare is simple. Everything we do is in pursuit of our mission to power every care decision to be accessible, affordable, and high-quality, and guided by our core values.

By transforming the healthcare decision-making process with actionable data, we can influence a person’s outcomes for the better.

What makes us different?

Accurate and actionable information

Our data platform is built to surface reliable and relevant provider information that empowers people to access personalized, affordable, and quality care. It’s about more than accuracy – it’s action.

A single source of truth

We do the work for you by ingesting and improving thousands of data sources. We are constantly enhancing our platform with new data points, allowing you to drive cost savings and accelerate your time to market.

A long-term partnership

We don’t believe in delivering data and walking away. Our dedicated team of deployment specialists and customer success experts partner with you to understand how you operate, how to best implement our platform, and provide long term support for your business goals.

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Belonging at Ribbon

At Ribbon, we strive to go beyond diversity, equity and inclusion and create a culture of belonging for all our people.

Read more about our DEI philosophy.

Meet our team

Our people are what makes Ribbon truly unique.

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At Ribbon, our mission is to simplify healthcare