An unparalleled partnership leads to unparalleled efficiency gains

Built on the philosophy that navigating healthcare takes both a human touch and data-driven approach, Health Advocate has been helping Americans navigate the healthcare system for over 20 years.

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Better care navigation

Health Advocate's mission is to actively engage members in the healthcare system to improve their overall health and wellbeing. They offer a full range of clinical and administrative services as well as behavioral health and wellness programs to employees.

Before partnering with Ribbon, it took this customer several days to complete healthcare and behavioral health referrals. Their standard procedure involved using Google to find providers and confirm their details, which was a manual, time-intensive process.

They understood that to deliver a more personalized care experience that motivates people to take charge of their health, their team of compassionate health and medical experts would need more than just online searches.

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An unparalleled partnership

Health Advocate reached out to Ribbon to find a solution to reduce their reliance on manual processes and reduce their overall referral times.

Ribbon worked with the customer to implement Directory, Accepted Insurances, and Cost and Quality data to drive efficiencies for care navigators, while also improving member engagement. Because Ribbon’s products were strategically integrated into the customer’s existing workflows, Health Advocate now has a single source of truth for accurate and comprehensive provider information like location, insurance networks, and cost and quality.

After the initial implementation, the team identified an opportunity to drive further efficiency gains. These gains would require a close partnership between Ribbon and the customer. 

Ribbon’s skilled deployment team dove into the customer’s data to examine where the platform, powered by AWS, could be adjusted and optimized. The team collected new insurance networks for Health Advocate, investigated ways to optimize confidence scoring (a method to determine the level of accuracy for data points), and worked to resolve data discrepancies, all with a laser focus on achieving and exceeding the outcomes the customer was looking to drive with Ribbon’s platform. 

Unparalleled efficiency gains

This joint effort led to a striking 2.5x increase in efficiency for the Health Advocate's overall referral close rate.

Where it formerly took 4.3 days to turn around a healthcare referral, the same process after Ribbon’s review and updates now only takes 1.8 days. The customer’s behavioral health referral times are now closed in less than 3 days, compared to 7.6 days previously.

While these efficiency gains are important, building the foundation for a collaborative partnership model is just as critical. Ribbon doesn’t believe in simply delivering data and walking away. We partner with our customers to understand their unique challenges and goals, pivot if these goals change, and constantly ensure our customers get the most value out of our partnership. 

The customer’s care navigators are now able to navigate their members to affordable and high-quality care faster, ensuring they can deliver on their mission to help people positively engage in the healthcare system without barriers or frustration.

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