Ribbon’s Solutions in Action

Ribbon powers affordable and trusted provider searches and reduces the burden of managing provider data

Care Navigation and Referrals

Before Ribbon


After Ribbon

Time-consuming, confusing process

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Finding a doctor

Quick and easy experience navigating care

Accidental out-of-network visits with surprise bills

Verifying insurance and costs

Comprehensive information on accepted insurances with transparent cost estimates

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Wrong doctor-patient match caused by lack of information on a doctor's experience

Assessing quality and fit

Rich experience data on a doctor's specialties, conditions they treat, and procedures they perform

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One primary care customer saw 40 minutes saved per referral by partnering with Ribbon.

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Provider Data Management

Before Ribbon


After Ribbon

Reliance on time-consuming manual data entry

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Ingesting provider rosters

Efficient, automated roster processing into one standard data format

Significant time-spend integrating data or manually cross-referencing sources

Managing multiple data sources

One, comprehensive source of truth for all critical provider data sources

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Data quality issues handled on case-by-case basis

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Improving data quality

Ability to quickly assess data accuracy at scale and focus on key areas of improvement

Lack of transparency into database activity and updates

Monitoring data at scale

Easily track and monitor data workflows in a unified dashboard

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Immense burden on data management teams to continually integrate insurance data

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Navigating custom insurance networks

Custom insurance data integrated seamlessly with core provider datasets

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One health plan customer saw a 58% decrease in support tickets by using Ribbon to improve the quality of its existing provider database.

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