The single source of truth for comprehensive and accurate provider information

Our data platform fuels your organization with reliable information that empowers people to access personalized, affordable, and quality care.

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Provider Directory

Comprehensive information like contact info, demographics, specialties, and more

• Save your team time
• Clean up existing messy data
• Provide a seamless search experience for patients

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Insurance Coverage

Detailed insurance data on the exact type of plan a provider or facility accepts

• Reduce manual insurance validation
• Direct your patients to high-quality in-network providers
• Lower the cost of care for your patients and avoid unexpected bills

Cost & Quality

Meaningful cost and quality metrics that drive high quality referrals

• Reduce medical cost and enable better health outcomes 
• Save time and increase the capacity of your teams 
• Improve member and patient experience

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Price Transparency

Structured data on the cost of care to make information both transparent and accessible

• Eliminate data redundancies like duplicative rates
• Get access to the full picture of provider, insurance, and cost information
• Establish trust and provide a set of tools for care decisions

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Ribbon for health plans

Fuel your organization with accurate and comprehensive provider data to drive long-term growth

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Ribbon for care navigation and referrals

Navigate patients to the right care with accurate and comprehensive provider data

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