Powering better referrals with accurate and actionable information

Built around their proven virtual-first care model and proprietary technology, Ribbon’s payer-provider customer Firefly Health delivers better care outcomes, higher member engagement, and unparalleled medical expense reduction for employers.

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Primary care at its finest

Firefly's mission to provide “half priced health care, that’s twice as good” relies on engaging its patients and establishing trust, growing that trust over time, and ultimately translating it into better health outcomes.

Referring patients to the best specialists is an essential part of offering healthcare that’s twice as good. But for this customer, the referral process was unwieldy, time intensive, and inaccurate – using Google to look up which specialists were close to a patient, then calling the office to confirm the provider’s address, and whether the provider took the patient’s insurance, and storing the results in a spreadsheet.

In order to truly deliver on their mission, they needed a more scalable solution.

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Transforming decision-making

They realized they needed to transform their provider data infrastructure to ease some of their operational pain points and get patients to high quality referrals, faster.

First, Firefly evaluated the time and resources that would be required to build a provider database internally. After mapping this against the bandwidth of their technical team, they realized that they would need to outsource this critical infrastructure. They determined three key criteria for choosing a partner: ability to integrate detailed provider data with a high level of accuracy, a highly collaborative partnership, and mission alignment. Based on these criteria, they chose to partner with Ribbon. 

Firefly implemented our Directory, Network, and Provider Cost and Quality data, aggregating thousands of data sources validated through machine learning.

Dramatically improved efficiency and trust

In addition to streamlining operations, Ribbon’s solution gives them the ability to confidently refer patients to doctors who will provide affordable, high-quality care.

Ribbon’s data platform, powered by AWS, is the single source of truth for Firefly on comprehensive information beyond location and contact information. Other data points like sub-speciality, languages spoken, detailed insurance data, and cost and quality metrics also enable the customer to drive high-quality referrals. 

By leveraging Ribbon’s data, Firefly's team can make a decision about a referral in minutes rather than hours, resulting in a 99% average post-visit Customer Satisfaction Score and 20% cost savings for the customer’s partners. Firefly has also increased trust with its members, with 80% of patients following its guidance for specialists or in-person care. 

The customer’s average time to referral for patients has decreased by two-thirds.

As a result of the partnership with Ribbon, Firefly has increased the accuracy of its data, decreased time spent manual searching and confirming provider details, and improved the overall member experience leading to happier and healthier patients.

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