Exceptional outcomes with a single source of truth

Healthee helps employees get the most out of their health benefits through personalized and transparent navigation. Their powerful AI tool empowers employees to best utilize their healthcare coverage, saving HR teams time.

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Transparent cost of care

Many employees report feeling lost when it comes to understanding their healthcare benefits. They’re often hesitant to utilize their benefits because they don't know what to expect, what is covered, and how much care might end up costing them.

Healthee aims to deliver employees personalized guidance that makes picking a plan, finding in-network providers, and understanding out-of-pocket costs easy. However, they faced significant data challenges that made it difficult for them to deliver on that promise.

They wanted to provide clear information on healthcare costs to their members, but price transparency data requires significant healthcare revenue cycle knowledge and technical resources to interpret. The data is also massive and inconsistent, with over 1000 terabytes of data reported from a broad range of sources, of which over 50% is inaccurate on average.

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A single source of truth

By partnering with Ribbon, who has integrated Turquoise Health’s price transparency data with Ribbon’s provider directory, insurance, and performance data, Healthee received a single source of truth that solved their challenges.

Ribbon Price Transparency powered by Turquoise eliminates data redundancies like duplicative rates, or rates for procedures a provider doesn’t perform. Healthee’s restructured provider information is now accurate, actionable, and user-friendly.

Ultimately, Ribbon’s data platform allows Healthee to eliminate two of the biggest barriers to accessible healthcare: cost and confusion.

Newfound confidence

With Ribbon as the single source of truth, Healthee will be able to unlock clear visibility into costs of care for their users. Their completely digital user experience is now truly end-to-end and allows users to easily understand and navigate their health benefits with confidence.

Healthee now has the data and infrastructure to deliver on their promise of quick, concise answers to health and wellness questions, so that employees can take full advantage of their most important benefit: healthcare.

Not only does leveraging Ribbon’s data platform help  create cost savings for employers, it also enables Healthee to encourage employees to be healthier, happier, and more productive. 

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