Ribbon Health Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Provider Data Platform, Bringing Together Robust Provider Data and Advanced Data Management Tools

Ribbon Team
March 19, 2024

Announcing Ribbon Provider Data Platform

It’s no secret that provider data management is a manually intensive process for healthcare enterprises. With numerous data sources, diverse formats, and varying quality standards – coupled with continuous data changes as providers relocate offices, stop practicing, or update their contact details – enterprises are left with no definitive source of truth. The numbers speak for themselves: 81% of provider data entries in the top five national health plans have inconsistencies, 30% of provider information churns every year and commercial health plans spend an estimated $2.1 billion on provider data management annually

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of Ribbon Provider Data Platform, a cloud-native SaaS platform combining Ribbon’s high-quality provider data directory with advanced data management capabilities. For the first time, healthcare enterprises can easily configure custom data workflows featuring their proprietary data, enhanced by the industry’s leading provider data asset. Customers using Ribbon Provider Data Platform have: 

  • Reduced their data intake and processing costs by up to 95%
  • Improved data comprehensiveness and accuracy by up to 90%
  • Built better member, patient, and provider experiences
  • Scaled their operations without worrying about complex provider data

Ribbon Health was founded in 2016 to disrupt a long history of industry challenges with provider data. We first created Ribbon Directory to curate quality provider data, building the most comprehensive and accurate provider database through proprietary machine learning models. While we’ve worked with many innovative customers like HealthAdvocate, Firefly Health, and Healthee as their provider data partner, we’ve also been managing the existing provider data of many enterprise customers behind the scenes, including two of the top five national health plans. As our team has experienced the pain and complexity of managing provider data firsthand, we’ve used that expertise to evolve our initial solution to meet the needs of large enterprises with proprietary data. 

Ribbon Provider Data Platform offers time-saving automation and a suite of interconnected features, including Ribbon Directory, Partner Data Marketplace, Data Integration, Master Data Management, Accuracy Scoring, and Data Views. Ribbon Provider Data Platform uniquely benefits primary care, care navigation, employee benefits, and health insurance organizations through access to:

  • An expansive provider data asset including 99.9% of providers and healthcare facilities in the U.S., curated from thousands of sources using Ribbon’s proprietary AI models
  • A growing ecosystem of data partners that enable “one-stop shopping” for provider data attributes, all on Ribbon’s platform
  • Automated data ingestion and processing tools, reducing team time-spend on tasks like roster and data intake, data standardization, QA checking, and more by up to 95%
  • AI-powered data accuracy tools to significantly improve provider data quality, resulting in a 90% increase in data accuracy 
  • Advanced master data management capabilities to easily centralize, manage, and govern large, complex provider datasets with ease 

Provider data will always be critical within the complex healthcare ecosystem, driving how claims are paid, how networks are designed, and how people find the care they need. With Ribbon Provider Data Platform, organizations can turn what was once an operational headache into a source of business efficiency and value, paving the way for their members to find the right provider as quickly as possible. 

Read the full Press Release on Ribbon Provider Data Platform.

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