Ro offers telehealth solutions with access to in-person care

Nate Maslak
June 16, 2020
At Ribbon Health, we strive toward a singular mission: to power every healthcare decision to be accessible, affordable, and high quality.

Healthcare decisions are looking a bit different these days. Our country is facing social, health, and economic crises, all at the same time. These crises are sparking widespread disruptions across our lives and across the systems that support us, which is particularly true for our healthcare system.

To achieve our mission, we seek partners across the health system that share our commitment to simplifying and providing access to high-quality care for all people. To that end, we are particularly excited to partner with Ro, a leading telehealth solutions company, to help seamlessly connect their patients to in-person care.

Ro’s mission is to become a patient’s first call for all of their healthcare needs. When some of those needs necessitate in-person care, Ro wants to guide patients to the right care through a simple navigation experience. Ribbon is making that possible. We integrated our comprehensive health data directly into Ro’s telehealth platform, so Ro-affiliated providers can help patients easily find the best in-person care, when needed, based on specialty, services, geography, and insurance network.

Ro’s digital clinics, and telehealth more broadly, have been a welcome option for many – especially in recent months. But there will always be certain situations where telehealth is not the most suitable option or where the standard of care requires an in-person appointment. Ro is committed to upholding a high standard of care for both telehealth and the in-person care that Ro patients receive. As some practices and clinics begin to reopen, a third of Americans expect to seek in-person care they delayed during the pandemic in the next three months, and some are already returning to in-person providers.

The coming months do not hold a return to a previous “normal.” Millions have lost their jobs and the employer-sponsored insurance tied to those jobs, clinics have shuttered permanently, and many providers have limited hours, reduced staff, or have shifted service operations.

It’s more important than ever that patients and providers have accurate information at their fingertips when making a care decision.

Our work with Ro will ensure that all Ro patients who need to access in-person care can do so seamlessly, helping to close the gap between telehealth and in-person care.

While on Ro’s telehealth platform, patients can search for an in-person provider, when advised by a Ro-affiliated provider, on a variety of dimensions, and trust that information returned is reliable and actionable. Timely, accurate information on providers is necessary to make smart health care decisions and to access high-quality, cost-efficient care.

By working together to connect telehealth solutions with in-person care, we can improve the patient experience while also benefiting the overall healthcare system. We can expand access to care, increase transparency, and promote the continuity of patient care.

We’re proud to work with Ro on this shared vision and can’t wait to expand on this work to make it simple for more people to make high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient healthcare decisions.

If you are interested in learning more about how Ribbon powers healthcare decisions, check out our one-pager here.

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