Ribbon Health on AWS

The Ribbon data platform fuels healthcare enterprises with actionable provider information to power high-quality care decisions

Ribbon Health is available in the AWS Marketplace.
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AWS Qualified Software

Ribbon Health is built on and powered by the robust capabilities of the AWS cloud. Customers can purchase access to Ribbon Health’s platform, including both a provider data layer for trusted, affordable care searches and a provider data management offering through the AWS marketplace. 

Increase referral volume

Comprehensive provider information at your fingertips, eliminating time spent searching and validating data. One large value-based provider group saw a 5x increase in referral volume and 3x increase in care coordinator efficiency.

Drive patient satisfaction and reduce medical expense

Reliable information on provider specialties, costs, experience and areas of focus enable teams to navigate patients to specific providers best-suited for their needs who are also affordable and high-quality.

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Reduce operational costs

Ribbon will ingest, standardize, and manage your data sources, saving you significant time and bandwidth by automating manual and redundant processes. With our provider data management solution, you can evaluate the accuracy of data at scale, easily identity gaps and sift out low quality records. 

Integrate quickly

Ribbon’s API allows customers to easily integrate our capabilities into existing workflows, EHRs, and CRMs. The ability to receive data via S3 or Databricks-on-AWS is conducive for more model and pipeline-oriented work. Startup pricing is also available for eligible companies.

Ribbon Health is available on AWS Marketplace

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