Is health tech the next big industry for Senior Software Engineer opportunities?

Ribbon Team
May 5, 2022

In a recent webinar panel, Building for the 4Ps in Healthcare: Patients, Providers, Pharma and Payors, Ribbon Health’s co-founder and CTO Nate Fox discusses healthcare technology, what it means to be a developer in health tech, and the exciting career opportunities in this growing field. Nate and his fellow panelists break down common misconceptions about the industry and why it’s the perfect time for senior software engineers to enter healthcare technology.

What does it mean to build technology in healthcare?

If you’re a senior software engineer, you may be wondering what it’s like to work on building technology and infrastructure in the world of healthcare. Healthcare in the U.S has historically been seen as overly complex with many regulations, but there is a rapidly increasing willingness and appetite in the industry for innovative technology to alleviate this complexity. This creates an abundance of leadership opportunities for skilled software engineers to work on meaningful technology and products that will have an impact on how people receive healthcare.

Developing products for the infrastructure of healthcare has many similarities to developing products for other types of industries and companies. Engineers must consider compliance, privacy, security, and ultimately understand the product’s customers and stakeholders. With so much room for technological advancement and improved interoperability using AI, engineers in healthtech have the opportunity to define a product roadmap, build that product, and work toward a vision of simplifying the healthcare experience for all.

Senior Software Engineer Opportunities in Health Tech

Healthcare in the US is a massive industry. As digitization and data accessibility accelerates in many other industries, there is a growing push to meet this same technology standard in the healthcare industry. One major difference for a senior software engineer working in health tech versus another industry, is the opportunity to work on products that will disrupt the status quo of healthcare, and create a world where loved ones can easily access high quality and affordable care. This means that engineers have an opportunity to get creative with how to deploy and use tools to solve tough problems in innovative ways.  

At Ribbon Health, we believe that culture is a byproduct of values. Starting in the interview process, our values are front and center to ensure a strong alignment between the culture we are building, and the people who decide to join that culture. During the interview process, engineering candidates have the chance to think through questions and problems based on real-world scenarios that they would be working on if joining Ribbon, so candidates have clear insight into what types of projects and goals are a priority.

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